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At 肖邦律师事务所, often our best clients are actually other lawyers and law firms. We consider it the highest honor to be entrusted with another lawyer or law firm’s case. We are proud to be able to provide premier legal services to clients throughout the region. 因为我有几十年的辩护律师经验, we provide unique insight into the strategies and tactics of the opposition, 使我们能领先对手一步.

We are committed to helping other firms and attorneys achieve higher verdicts and settlements for their clients as a result of strategic collaboration between legal professionals. We appreciate the relationships we have made through attorney referrals.


肖邦律师事务所 handles a variety of serious personal injury cases, as well as complex 商事及商事诉讼, 财产损失和保险 索赔. 我们在路易斯安那州法院有丰富的经验, 并获得了在德克萨斯州和密西西比州执业的执照.


在任何转诊中, our goal is to create a case for the client that is strengthened by the collaboration of attorneys. Whether you are looking for a firm who can take an extensive role in the case or a limited role, 肖邦律师事务所 can work with you to achieve the best for the client. We tailor our involvement to fit your needs and the needs of your client.

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