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最常发生车祸的地方 and What You Can Do to Prevent Them


It may come as no surprise to those who take the I-10 routinely, that highway is home to many of New Orleans’ 汽车事故. It seems no matter what time you may get on the I-10 there is an accident taking place. 正因为如此, it may seem like the majority of 汽车事故 take place on highly congested roadways and highways.

然而,你知道吗,大多数 汽车事故 take place much closer to home, and in much less congested locations? That’s right, an estimated 52% of all 汽车事故 take place within five miles of your home. That means locations like parking lots and neighborhoods are actually some of the most common places car accidents take place.

What is it that makes these seemingly safe locations such a popular location for 汽车事故?


社区 are some of the safest places to drive in, right? With how low the speed limit is and the lack of other drivers, what could go wrong?

嗯,很多. 社区 accidents are such a common occurrence for a number of reasons, 这些都可以追溯到某种形式的a:

  • 缺乏关注 – One of the most common reasons for neighborhood 汽车事故 is the fact that many of us become comfortable in our drive, 因为每天都要做很多次. This causes us to take our eyes off of the road to turn to distractions such as cell phones or interacting with passengers. Being distracted behind the wheel is dangerous for everyone involved.

Make sure you always keep your eyes on the road, regardless of how well you know the area. 事实上, you should be paying closer attention to the road in rural areas, 因为可能会有行人过马路, along with other potential hazards that may present themselves.


Another common location that accidents occur are in parking lots. Parking lot accidents come in many forms and are caused by many things, such as:

  • 分心驾驶 -你是否看到了一种趋势? Many of these rural accidents can be linked back to distracted driving. 类似于在社区里开车, many of us also feel very safe and worry-free while driving in parking lots. This often causes accidents due to drivers becoming distracted behind the wheel.
  • 缺乏专注力 – For many, arriving at the parking lot of the locating you are going means you have already arrived. It’s common for us to begin calling friends to inform them of our arrival, 整理我们的发型和妆容, and begin chatting with passengers once entering the parking lot. 这些都会分散注意力,并可能导致事故.

It’s important to understand that there are many moving parts in a parking lot and there are many things that may cause an accident. Always pay attention to the road and what’s ahead of you until you have fully stopped at your final destination.


In addition to some of the more rural accident locations, many accidents occur on two-lane roads. These roads are dangerous for a number of reasons, including:

  • 双车道道路的性质 – The way that two-way roads are set-up makes for the perfect grounds for 汽车事故. 每个方向只有一条车道, 几乎没有空间来避开危险, 双车道的存在本身就很危险. If someone begins coming into your lane coming from the other direction, there is little you can do to prevent some sort of accident from happening.
  • These roads are commonly found en route to vacation destinations – If you’ve ever been to a cabin or summer vacation in the woods, chances are you’ve made your way across some two-way roads. These roads are often found leading to vacation spots which may mean you, the driver’s mind is elsewhere thinking of the fun times ahead. This may cause you to become distracted, which can lead to an accident caused by distracted driving.
  • 低能见度 -每个方向只有一条路, visibility is extremely crucial to you and other drivers on the road’s safety. Not being able to see who is ahead of, and behind you may lead to an accident. Be sure to check your lights before departing to ensure they are in proper working condition. This will help cut through the poor visibility that fog may bring. 更重要的是, 如果你觉得能见度会影响你的安全, 一定要靠边停车,等它过去, 如果可能的话.


车祸随时随地都可能发生. 如果你受伤了,不是你自己的错, it’s important to understand your rights and what you can do to seek the compensation you deserve. The best way to ensure that happens is to work with an experienced 365bet平台车祸律师.

Our team here at the 肖邦 Law Firm has been helping those injured seek the compensation they need to return to their “normal lives” for countless years. We know how it feels to be on the receiving end of injuries due to other’s negligence, and we want to ensure you have the representation to help you fight for what is yours.

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